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Professional Vehicle Interior Cleaning in Nairobi

The exterior of your vehicle is the first thing that people notice, which is why most car owners put great emphasis on waxing and exterior auto detailing. But the inside of your auto should be given the same attention, to ensure optimum comfort of the driver and the passengers and this can be possible by subscribing to premier car interior cleaning services to keep your auto interiors clean and spotless.

We are a leading auto detailing company that provides top-of-the-line car interior cleaning services to Nairobi car owners. Our mission is to help vehicle owners maintain the beauty and integrity of their vehicles inside and out. Our wide range of auto detailing services will not only make your cars looking and smelling clean, but it can also increase and maintain its value.

Cleaning your car’s interiors is more than just dusting and taking out the clutter. Once in a while, you need to do interior maintenance to remove the accumulated dirt in the seats and the carpeting. We offer comprehensive and expert car detailing and cleaning services for car owners who want to maintain their vehicles to perfection. Our superior and full vehicle detailing service include:

  • Door panel and console cleaning
  • Dashboard detailing
  • Carpet and mat washing and maintenance
  • Deep dusting and vacuuming
  • Leather cleaning and washing
  • Air vent and roof lining cleaning

We use only the best cleaning agents and cleaning tools to keep the integrity of your car’s surface and guarantee auto detailing and maintenance that meet and exceed the satisfaction of our clients.

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